Find freedom from anxiety
and panic attacks

Are panic and anxiety setting the rules for how you live?

Hi, I'm Laura White, and I want you to know, 
it doesn't have to be that way.

Having suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life, fertility struggles  seemed to send me further down the road of depression, to a point where I no longer felt capable of leaving the house.  

I lost my job and just wanted to hide from the world.  

I tried everything to feel better - NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, meditation… You name it, I tried it.  

Then, in 2018, I was introduced to an understanding that kept me coming back for more, and having made it my priority in 2019, it changed everything for me. 

My life feels so much more expansive now; I now feel free and full of gratitude for the infinite possibilities life holds.

That understanding, and the sense of hope it brings, are what I’d love to share with you.  

Join me on a journey that can free you to say yes to life and leave anxiety behind - forever.

"Laura gently coached me away from “head thinking” and analysing, to come back home to myself. Never losing patience with my “yes but” questions and always bringing genuine love and insight to the conversation. Laura is an incredibly special person and coach. As I said to her at the end of our last call, the world will be a better place with her coaching in it!" 

Julie Waddell

"The most important ingredient in any relationship is the caring heart, one full of passion for what they do.  I think that defines you Laura, and I'm a better person for having met you. Thank you for everything.  

It has been life-changing." 

Patricia Rua

"Laura and I very quickly clicked, and I found it so useful to find that myself and she have shared similar struggles and had lots in common in our lives and experiences, and she restored my hope in overcoming mine.

After my coaching sessions with Laura I always felt in a better mood, happier, and warmer, and probably most importantly, hopeful." 

Daniel M

"Laura is a really great coach. I felt like she really listened to my concerns and always responded with such empathetic and grounded advice, always pointing me back in the right direction.

Over the six weeks Laura helped me to reach a calmer and more settled state of mind and has left me feeling excited about exploring this amazing conversation further.

Alice Rose

One-to-one coaching

Join me to explore the peace that lies beyond the noise of your anxious thinking.   You can contact me here to arrange an initial conversation

Online events

Webinars, podcasts, interviews, online programmes - all these will be updated as they occur.

Infertility and childlessness

If you're currently struggling with the idea that you might not have children, feel free to contact me to arrange a time to chat.